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Wildfire Mitigation

Fire Danger

Wildfire is a major threat to lives and property in our area. Fire danger waxes and wanes but we urge you to take steps now to prepare yourself, your family, your home, your property, and your community.  Follow the links below to learn more about what you can do to help us, help you. And contact us if you would like a wildfire assessment of your property or if you have any questions.

Wildfire is a very real threat in our area. The above video explores a few of the lessons from the 2013 Black Forest Fire. The fire was right next door in El Paso County and claimed two lives and destroyed nearly 500 homes.

We know the amount of information about wildfires and the prospect of mitigating your property, can seem overwhelming. We encourage you to start now to evaluate the risk for yourself, your family, and your property.

Douglas County's Wildfire Mitigation page
Colorado State Forest Service mitigation page


Recent wildfires have shown that large scale mitigation efforts, community-wide efforts, can be effective in slowing big wildfires. Some neighborhoods in the Larkspur area have joined together to create Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs). Take a look at the plan created by the Communities of Greater Sageport.

Wildfire Mitigation Links

Mitigation Grants Available

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