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Message From The Chief

Welcome to the website for Larkspur Fire Rescue.  We are a Title 32 Special District that provides fire protection and emergency services for the Larkspur Community.  We pride ourselves on being the small-town local fire department that is involved with the community.  We are here to serve the community professionally and keep all our citizens safe when an emergency arises.  We know we are the folks you call on your worst day, and the trust put in our department is an honor.  The Firefighters and Paramedics that serve this community love being a part of the area and look forward to serving our constituents.

The District is overseen by a five-person Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors are elected officials from the citizens.  They are all local residents that have a passion for serving the community in new ways making sure we have the resources we need. Some are even retired firefighters that are providing some insight to new things that might be needed to move the organization to the next level.

As the Fire Chief I am excited to serve this community.  I have been in Fire and EMS for more than 20 years and look forward to bringing my experience to render the best possible service we can.  It is my goal to make sure that our staff is well trained, well prepared and ready for any type of incident we need to respond to.  I will empower our firefighters to be able to advance in their careers, bettering themselves and in turn bettering the services we provide.  Our staff will be well equipped, by making this an amazing organization to be a part of.  The support received from our community has been outstanding.

I am proud of our staff and all of the great things they accomplish every day.  This department is so lucky to have such amazing people that are dedicated to providing for the community.  The sacrifice they make by being away from their families on a regular basis working long hours to be at the fire house for the community.  Our staff is looking forward to building even stronger relationships with the community and engaging our citizens in new ways in the future.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please let us know if there are ways we can serve you and our great community.

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