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Volunteer Pension Board


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Pension Board

Rodger Greer
Board President

Rodger Greer retired from LFPD with 26 years of service as a volunteer firefighter/EMT out of Station 164. He served on the LFPD Pension Board for about eight years and is the Race Director for the Wildlander, a running event that benefits Larkspur fire and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. He was also a member of the El Paso County Wildland Crew for five years and has deployed to wildfires in western states.  Rodger graduated from Colorado School of Mines with an engineering physics degree and from Colorado College with a masters in education. He spent 30 years as a defense industry scientist and taught elementary and middle school for five years. Rodger has lived in the Larkspur area since 1983 and was born in Durango, Colorado. As a board member, his priority is to promote firefighter and public safety.

Ed Chambers


Ed Chambers graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering.  Ed worked 1 year as a Structural Engineer with the City of Los Angeles and then moved into computer sales and management for 32 years with IBM, National Advanced Systems, Amdahl Corp. and Denver Solutions Group (an IBM Business partner selling mainframe computers and related services).  He has lived in Larkspur since 2002 and has served on the Larkspur Volunteer Fire Auxiliary for 2 years.  He was Treasurer of the Citizens Group for the successful ballot issue to de-Gallagherize our fire protection district so we can maintain needed funding for LFPD in the future.  Ed has served on several non-profit boards.  He is very excited to be serving on this board and is looking forward to working with the other board members to further the excellence of our LFPD.

I have lived in Perry Park for 25 years. I am retired military.  I am originally from New Jersey and volunteered as a firefighter in my hometown of Springfield, NJ.  I have served on the LFPD Board of Directors for approximately 3 years. A portion of my time has been served as Board Secretary. I am the current President of the Larkspur Fire Volunteer Auxiliary and a member of the Larkspur Chamber of Commerce. My primary purpose on the Board is to provide oversight of the budget to ensure effective use of tax payer funds.  

David Vance


Cindy Applegate

Board Member

I am currently the secretary of the LFPD board of directors.  I write a monthly article for the local Perry Park Sentinel which details activities for the district as well as call numbers.  I am a twenty two year resident of Colorado.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma and currently teach chemistry at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.  I became interested in the fire board after attending several open board meetings and was elected for the 2012- 2016 term. I was selected for another term in 2018 and am currently serving until 2022.   I ran for the board because I was concerned about the budget and finances at LFPD.  I believe that the current board is addressing these concerns and am confident that Chief Mills is working very hard to have a fiscally stable district.   We would encourage any interested Larkspur residents to come to our monthly meetings and find out what is happening with LFPD. 

Wayne Moore
Board Member

I was a volunteer firefighter with LFPD from 2016 until retiring from those duties in 2021.  Now by serving on the district’s board, it is a continuation of my commitment to our fire district.   My professional background has been in the medical field, working as a Flight Nurse with AirLife-Denver starting in 1985, then progressing my career as a Physician Assistant (PA) for the past seventeen years.  As an additional asset of experience to the board, I have a bachelor’s degree in business management.

I’ve lived in our fire district since 2010 and have followed the circumstances of LFPD over these years.  Presently, LFPD has the fiscal security to continue providing professional and high-quality community centered fire/EMS services.  This is to the immense credit of the fire officer leadership and the district’s board.   It is my intention as a board member to facilitate this stability while maintaining vigilance of challenges on the horizon for the district.

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