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District Map and Facilities

The Larkspur Fire Protection District covers 110 square miles in Douglas County, Colorado. We have three stations to provide fire and emergency medical services to our residents and travelers. We also maintain aid agreements with neighboring departments so that additional personnel and equipment can be brought in when needed.


  • Station 161 is located at 9414 S. Spruce Mountain Road in the town of Larkspur and is staffed with 4 career firefighters 24/7. It also houses our administrative offices and a public meeting room.

  • Station 162 is located at 5672 Red Rock Drive in the Perry Park Ranch subdivision and is staffed with 2 career firefighters.

  • Station 164 is located at 15205 Furrow Road in the southeast section of the LFPD and is a volunteer response station.


Additionally, the LFPD has automatic aid agreements with; Castle Rock Fire Department for Bell Mountain Ranch and Keene Ranch subdivisions, the Jackson 105 Fire Protection District for Keene Ranch subdivision and for fire events in the northwest section of the LFPD, with the Palmer Lake Fire Department which responds to fire events in the southwest section of the LFPD, and with the Franktown Fire Protection District which responds to fire events in the southeast section of the LFPD. The LFPD is also on automatic aid with the North Group of fire departments within El Paso County which respond to fire events in southern portion of the LFPD. In addition, the LFPD has mutual aid agreements in place with all Douglas County fire departments.

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