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LFPD has at least 5 career firefighters/EMTs on duty at all times. Paid staff is augmented with around 25 trained and certified volunteer firefighters.

Larkspur Fire Protection Station 161.jpg

Station 161

9414 S. Spruce Mountain Road

Is located at in the town of Larkspur and is staffed with 4 career firefighters 24/7. It also houses our administrative offices and a public meeting room.

Larkspur Fire Protection Station 162 Full.jpg
Larkspur Fire Protection Station 164.jpg

Station 162

5672 Red Rock Drive

Is located in the Perry Park Ranch subdivision and is staffed with 2 career firefighters.

Station 164

15205 Furrow Road

Is located in the southeast section of the LFPD and is a volunteer response station.

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