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New Business Information

Information for Business Owners

Larkspur Fire Protection District (LFPD) would like to thank you for considering locating your business within our community!


The following information is directed at those who wish to utilize an existing building to establish a new business or alter an existing business by changes in scope or process (change of Fire Code occupancy classification), within the LFPD.

The Process

To better serve your emergency response and safety needs, we must gather some information relating to your business, prior to the start of your new enterprise. This will allow the LFPD to review the requirements for your new business, help ensure your compliance with local codes, and provide a higher level of safety for you, your employees, and your neighbors. Please allow 30 days for a review of the submitted material. The following are the steps in the process.

  • Complete and submit this new business questionaire to the LFPD.

  • Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, the LFPD will try to quickly review the questionnaire and respond back to you with either a letter relating a list of fire code requirements for compliance or a letter requesting more information to aid in the determination of fire code requirements. This will be decided by the nature of the business and the responses to the questionnaire.

  • Additional information that may be required could include such items as:

  • An initial inspection of the existing facility by LFPD for information gathering.

  • A more detailed explanation of materials and processes involved with your business and provision of supportive technical information.

  • A request for copies of appropriate licenses that may be required by other local, county, or state agencies.

  • Providing a scale drawing site plan of the property and/or building that accurately shows all existing conditions and proposed improvements on the property.

  • Any other information that may be specific to the nature of the business or hazards it may present.


Upon your receipt of the fire code requirements letter from the LFPD, it will be up to you to implement the requirements as listed. Once you have implemented all the requirements, contact the Fire Marshal at LFPD and set up an appointment for an on site inspection at your place of business. This will allow the LFPD to verify that the requested requirements are in place. If all requirements are met and no other fire code violations are present, the LFPD will issue your business a letter stating that, from a Fire Code perspective, the building may be occupied and business, as stated, may be conducted within. This is in addition to any Town of Larkspur, Douglas County, or State of Colorado requirements.


LFPD will later schedule an annual inspection of your business, at your convenience, to continue to assist you in providing a safe place of business.


As always, feel free to contact the LFPD with any questions or concerns that you may have and we will do our best to make your business transition a smooth and successful one!


At your service,

Larkspur Fire Protection District

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