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Patient Privacy and Records

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Your Information.
Your Rights.
Our Responsibilities.

Privacy and Records

We take your privacy seriously. Please view or download a copy of our privacy policy. It describes your rights and the responsibilities we have when it comes to your private healthcare information.


You may request a copy of your records from us by completing, signing and notarizing this form. The form must be signed by the patient or someone who is legally authorized to act on the patients' behalf.

Why We Charge for Ambulance Transports

Residents and businesses within the Larkspur Fire Protection District are assessed a mill levy which essintially is a property tax which funds our fire protection and fire prevention operations. Emergency medical services operating funds however, are not provided for by the assessed mill levy.   Maintaining an advanced life support ambulance transport service is inherently an expensive but necessary service we provide, therefore as with most special fire districts in Colorado that provide ambulance transport services, we must charge a fee to residents and non-residents who require ambulance transport.

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