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Within the Larkspur Fire Protection District (LFPD), all outdoor burning of wood or vegetation requires a permit issued by the LFPD. This applies to fire pits, campfires or agricultural burning. Getting a permit is a two-step process, as you must have your burn location inspected prior to applying. Please view or download this document which describes the permit process and campfire/fire pit regulations.

Fire Bans

When high fire danger threatens lives and property, the State of Colorado, Douglas County, and/or the Town of Larkspur may implement restrictions on fire related activities. A burn permit from LFPD does not supersede such restrictions and the LFPD may stop issuing burn permits prior to fire restrictions by other agencies.  An activity that may be allowed under certain restrictions may not be allowed under the Larkspur Fire Protection District Permit.  Watch this site for information about restrictions on open burning and fireworks.

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