Free Tree Cutting Lottey

Each year Larkspur Fire’s certified sawyers (tree-cutters) must cut at least three trees (on a fire or during training) to maintain that certification. To help do that, the Larkspur Fire Protection District is holding a free lottery this fall for district residents in need of some tree service or fire mitigation.

Property owners can submit their names for the drawing from September 1st to October 31st. Names will be drawn and winners notified in the first week of November.  After that, senior sawyers will meet with the winners and help select a minimum of three trees on each property. Trees will then be marked for cutting.


The work will be done sometime between the second week of November and the end of March 2017. Larkspur fire fighters can also make fire mitigation recommendations during this process.

Sawyer with a chain saw trims a tree.

Other guidelines:


  • Trees should not be close to houses or power lines nor require other trees to be cut first. 

  • Trees should be no larger than 24 inches in diameter. 

  • Complex trees may be declined due to danger to property. 

  • LFPD will cut the trees down, limb them up and buck them (cut them into logs). 

  • LFPD will not move the limbs or logs after falling the trees.

  • Homeowners will be responsible for clearing away the logs, limbs, and slash. 


To participate in this free lottery just call the district at 303.681.3284 and provide us with your name, address, and phone number as well as how many trees you would like cut. (Depending on the total number of entries we may be able to cut more than three on a property but there must be at least three.)  All entries will be placed in a hat and drawn.


For more information, contact Training Officer Paul Hartigan at 303.681.83284 ext. 1104 during normal business hours or email him.

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