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Emergency Information

During an emergency we all want to know: "what's happening?"; "how will it impact me?"; and, "what's being done about it?"

As a small agency it is often "all hands on deck" for emergencies so the flow of information can be delayed while we try to get a handle on whatever it is we're up against. In most cases, we will be working with our partner agencies, such as the Douglas County Sheriff (DCSO). DCSO has full-time public information officers who are great at getting out information as quickly as possible. If you're on Twitter, consider following them @DCSheriff. We will forward that official feed to our own @larkspurfire which will appear on Twitter, here, and on our Facebook page. We also use and if you have an account there (it's free), that's another way to get information.

Some other suggestions:

Our Twitter Feed @larkspurfire

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