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Annual Reports

Download or view the 2018 annual report

Download or view our 2017 annual report

Message from Chief Mills

     Rest assured that, regardless of what challenges we face, the employees and volunteers of the LFPD will always hold your safety and well-being as our primary concern.  Please take the time to review the remainder of the LFPD 2017 Annual Report, and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.



Stuart Mills


Fire Chief

The following is an excerpt from the chief's message, found on page 3 of the annual report:

 Our mission statement is “Dedicated to our community through quality services, compassion, and excellence.”  As we and all other rural Colorado Special Districts move into the future however, there are legislative roadblocks that may result in significant financial hindrances which will cause difficulties in fully executing our missions.  Specifically, these “legislative roadblocks” are the Gallagher Amendment in conjunction with restrictions imposed by the TABOR Amendment.  Since it is not the intent of this report to describe the in-depth intricacies of the negatively synergistic issues created by these two amendments, I request that you review the following links at your leisure for a more comprehensive understanding of the problem.

Colorado’s Constitutional Funding Crisis:

Gallagher Amendment Impact on District Finances Arises Again:

Skyrocketing property values on Front Range harming rural fire departments:

Rural Colorado Fire Departments Could Get Badly Hurt By Budget Cuts:

Rural Colorado government services could retreat further because of forecasts pointing to more property tax cuts in 2019:

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