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Our apologies but the Burn Permit Request Form is not working – please email rjohnson(at)larkspurfire.org and jwarner(at)larkspurfire.org
with burn permit requests.  We appreciate your patience and hope to
have the issue resolved early in the New Year.

Wildfire Evacuation

Waldo Canyon Fire – Colorado Springs – June 2012

Are you prepared for an evacuation from a wildland fire?
Click on: Wildfire Action Plan Video for information on how to prepare for and what to do if a wildfire evacuation order is issued.  Do not wait for an official notification to evacuate if you feel threatened by a wildland fire.  Leave early and drive away from the fire.

Also, visit the
 Ready, Set, Go! website for more information on evacuation issues.

Please click on CodeRED to register for the Douglas County Emergency Mass Notification System that will allow your cell phones, work phones, and email to be contacted as well as your home phone, should an emergency event or evacuation notice affect the area where you live.  Add additional members of your family and their contact info by seperate registration for each person at your address.

Douglas County also offers a program for citizens with special needs that may require assistance in the event of a disaster.  Please click on:    Special Needs Registration 
for more information.  The Special Needs Registry should be considered for all people who have special medical needs (i.e. oxygen or life support systems that are dependent upon electrical power) or have disabilities that would make it difficult to independently follow public safety directions, such as evacuation, if the need arose.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan(CWPP)
The Communities of: Sterling Pointe, Perry Park East, Sage Port, Bear Dance, Hidden Forest & Antlers continue to work on a CWPP.   This plan will serve as a guide for residents as they work towards the goal of creating a Fire Adapted Community.

If you live in one of these communities, please contact the HOA board of directors for your community to ask how you can be apart of the planning process.

To go to the LFPD CWPP page click on: CWPP 

To go Also visit Firewise Communities for more information on wildfire mitigation visit: Firewise Communities

Please click on: 

for information regarding the Colorado State tax subtraction for expenses related to wildfire mitigation. 


No trees allowed? Don’t believe the hype when it comes to wildfire safety and your home